Lucky Strike Mill is Underway

The Lucky Strike mill is 35km from the Gold Links mine and is accessible in all weathers.

Commissioning of the Mill began in January 2018 with 1200 tonnes of stockpiled low-grade ore.

The Mill was given a significant refurbishment in 2010-12 but operated for less than a year before being shut down due to the breakdown in the then JV.

Dateline has made repairs to components of the mill that had been ice damaged and generally tidied up the overall facility to ensure it meets with best practices and Mining Safety and Health Authority (MSHA) regulations.

In its present form, the mill can process 125 tonnes per day. The floatation cells can handle double that volume and the mill have been designed to capture gold by gravity separation, floatation or gold in nugget form.

There are no restrictions on how much ore can be processed at the mill site and if required, there is undercover floor space to increase mill capacity to 400 tonnes per day.

The first phase involved a number of minor updates and changes at the mill.

The first phase of commissioning included testing the individual components of the mill before running the whole mill circuit. This phase of commissioning is now complete.

The second phase will focus on grade recovery.

Once the second phase of mill commissioning is completed, DTR’s goal is to supply the mill with material that may be extracted from the Gold Links underground 9900RL mineralised zone.

The Lucky Strike Mill gives Dateline the flexibility to process any easily accessible ore that is discovered on the way to proving up a sustainable long-term resource.

Clint Fletcher is the General Manager of the Lucky Strike mill. Clint is a highly experienced mining and mill operations manager with a career spanning over 26 years including roles with BHP’s copper division and Rio Tinto. He has worked in Chile, Canada, Australia and most recently the United States.