Colosseum Gold Mine

The Colosseum Gold Mine (Colosseum) is located at the southern section of the Walker Lane Trend in East San Bernardino County, California USA. The Walker Lane Trend hosts numerous substantial discoveries including the 1.7 million ounce Mother Lode Deposit and the 6.5 million ounce Castle Mountain gold mine.

In March 2021, Dateline entered into an agreement to acquire the Colosseum Gold Mine from Barrick Gold Corporation.

Exploration Plans

Dateline will review the historical exploration data to determine overall defined resource and cut-off grades and conduct an aerial LiDar survey to assist in future planning. A geophysics program to measure the depth of the breccia pipes and the possibility that the separate pipes join up and/or link to a larger feeder system will also be implemented. Drilling will then commence to test the extent of the mineralisation beyond the previously drilled depth of 333 metres (1,000 feet).


Gold production at the Colosseum mine commenced in 1988 and ceased in 1993. At the time of shutdown, the price of gold was under US $350. A total of 344,000 ounces of gold was produced from a 700,000 ounce reserve. Mining occurred over 4.5 years out of the planned 9 years.

Gold at the Colosseum is contained in two breccia pipes known as the West and East pipes. The pipes cropped out at surface as two prominent peaks with elevations of approximately 2,000 metres above sea level.