Advanced Exploration Targets

Korobotoni Target

The Korobotoni target is approximately 7.2km south-west of the Udu mine.

  • A VTEM geophysical study identified a series of moderate to strong shallowly dipping conductors, estimated at a depth of 50 to 100m below surface.
  • The conductors do not break the surface, potentially masking them from classical geochemical exploration.
  • Porphyry related volcano-clastics have been identified at the target.
  • Geophysical studies have indicated the Korobotoni target is proximal to a zone of magnetite destruction, a potential hydrothermal fluid path.
  • Geophysically it has similarities to Nagasauva.

Initial Exploration

The results of an additional soil-sampling program and drilling at Nagasauva will provide the basis to design the next phase of investigation.