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Dateline Resources Limited (ASCX: DTR) is an Australian publicly listed company primarily focused on gold mining and exploration in Colorado, United States of America.

The company owns permitted gold mining projects in Colorado USA including two permitted ore processing facilities.

The mines owned by Dateline are made up of high-grade narrow vein ore-bodies.

Several veins have been identified over a strike length of 3.6km (2.2 miles) and are most likely a part of the same large mineralised system.

Dateline’s 100% owned 8sqkm (2000 acres) of freehold land in this region is in Gunnison County, Colorado. This region is part of the ‘Gold Brick District’ of the Colorado Mineral Belt.

The Colorado Mineral Belt has produced over 25,000,000 ounces of Gold and yet no new significant exploration or precious metal mining activity has occurred in the state of Colorado since the Summitville disaster of 1992 (26 years ago).

The region has yet to fully reap the benefits of improved mining practices and the advancement of exploration and production technologies.

USA law recognises the owner of the freehold land as the owner of all the mineral rights located on that land. This makes investing in permitted mineralised freehold land in the USA very appealing as it removes the need to commit to leasehold commitments such as rent fees and minimum annual expenditure programs that have to be met regardless of any changes to the investment climate.

Ownership of the freehold guarantees the security of tenure of the in-situ mineral resources.

Colorado Assets – systematic exploration using modern technologies

Dateline has consolidated ownership of the land in the Gold Brick District previously held by the Reynolds and Gydesen interests.

Dateline believes there are more ounces of gold left in the ground than the ~300,000 ounces of known production that occurred sporadically and disjointedly from the 1880’s to 1982.

Dateline aims to unlock the value of this historically significant but relatively unexplored area by systematically exploring the land using modern exploration and production technologies such as 3D seismic surveys and if required to make use of rapidly improving ore sorting technology.

Dateline’s Colorado Assets include:







Map below:

Dateline’s combined freehold landholding in the district hosts the Gold Links, Raymond and Carter mines (red lines) and the map of the old workings (blue lines).

The area in between has been lightly explored predominantly from surface between 50 and 100 years ago.